Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Coronacation Diaries, Episode 9

The Episode Where We Basically Did Nothing and Didn't Know What Day it Was

Remember when we had all that time and energy and didn't know what to do with it all? That was, like, days ago. We wrote lists and we had dreams and we set goals and we made plans. 

But now we are under the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" Executive Order and people keep speculating that we'll be like this until June (please, gods, no) and there really seems to be no pressing need to do anything much at all. If I don't get it done today? Meh. There's always tomorrow. Or next Thursday.

Today I started with plans. I made a list. I planned to plant some flower bulbs I'd impulse-bought when I spent my entire paycheck at Meijer over the weekend. I also planned to dust--which, if you know me, is crazy talk. I planned to finally hook up of the stereo (unhooked since the great kitchen remodel of 2018); I planned to walk around the lake, fold the laundry, and make a deliciously nutritious meal.

Instead, I reread the two chapters I'd gotten through but immediately forgotten in the last lit book I picked up; I watched a movie in order to prepare for the class discussion tomorrow; I zoomed a yoga video for a friend and she and I and my daughter attempted to yoga in our respective living rooms; I took a nap; I made pizza for dinner; I went for a walk. I did some things. But the things I had planned to do? I did not do them. 

My daughter also asked for a checklist for the day. At the end of the day, I asked her to summarize what she did. Her answer: 

I woke up.
I don't remember what I did after that.
Then I zoomed online with my social studies teacher.
Then I arted.
Then I read for a bit?
We ate something.
Then I went outside, I think.
Now I'm sitting here.

I think, after the kids go to bed, that I might fold the laundry. I'll probably do the dishes. I might throw the tennis ball for the dog.

But I am definitely not going to hook up the stereo or plant bulbs or dust. I can always do that tomorrow. Or Thursday. Or maybe next week.

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